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What happens when you mix late-90s horror action adventure games and famous stories from the 1920s? You get a deeply fascinating game called Alisa.

In Alisa, you experience the story through the eponymous Royal Agent Alisa, who gains consciousness in a tiny bedroom in a what appears to be a…

screenshot: the last of us part II, naughty dog

The first installment of the beloved The Last of Us franchise released back in 2013 for Playstation 3 at the end of its lifecycle turned out to be a huge success — leading to a remastered version with updated visuals being released for Playstation 4 just little over a year…

#Pokemon25 Presentation met with mixed feelings by fans

©nintendo, the pokemon company & creatures inc.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of the biggest and highest grossing franchises in world history, the people behind the Pokémon games had a few surprises in store for their fans and presented them in a Pokémon Presents, a format close to what we know from Nintendo Direct showcases.


©Aegon Games Ltd

I find myself a the foot of a staircase in a basement. Darkness and silence are surrounding me. As my eyes get used to the absence of light, I fail to make my way back upstairs, so I go over to the only door down there.

As I make it…

courtesy of riot games

After the gaming community got so see just a few seconds of gameplay featuring Project A, League of Legends developer Riot Games’ first new IP since 2009 gained a lot of hype. People hoped it would turn out to achieve what CSGO never was able to accomplish.

While the Counter…

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League of Legends’ yordles live in a self-contained pocket within the spirit realm of Runeterra with no direct counterpart in the material realm. Most of them usually stay at a place called Bandle City inside the mystical realm and only some are leaving on rare occasions.

While it is highly…

courtesy of

Continuing on my Competitive Overwatch History Series, today we take a closer look at the infamous Baptiste Bunker team composition that became really popular soon after the support hero Baptiste joined the character roster.

The core of the Baptiste Bunker composition is formed by Orisa, Bastion, and, of course, Baptiste…

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