Competitive Overwatch History — Baptiste Bunker

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Continuing on my Competitive Overwatch History Series, today we take a closer look at the infamous Baptiste Bunker team composition that became really popular soon after the support hero Baptiste joined the character roster.

The core of the Baptiste Bunker composition is formed by Orisa, Bastion, and, of course, Baptiste. His main function in this comp is to make use of his Immortality field drone that keeps nearby teammates from going under 20% health to keep Bastion alive, so that the Bastion player can continue shooting at the enemy team whilst suffering significant burst damage and pulling the attention of enemy crossfire away from his team’s DPS heroes. Aside from this highly valuable ability, Baptiste’s ult, amplification matrix, increases damage of projectiles that move through it significantly, making it extremely viable on chokes or defensive high ground positions with a good line of sight, like Hanamura or Paris point A respectively. Speaking of Bastion it is useful to use the tank configuration ultimate before an enemy Sombra manages to disable all abilities with her EMP to not become basically defenseless, but more on counter comps later.

Orisa’s role in this composition is to protect the team’s Bastion with her shield to the best of her ability, since the enemy team will be trying to focus on them. As described in my blog entry about the double shield meta, her “Halt” can be put to great use by lining up shots for her teammates. Additionally, the ability can be used to revert positional advances of the enemy team, stopping them in their tracks and pulling them right back into Bastion’s line of fire.

In terms of additional heroes, there are a couple of different approaches you can take. Want a more aggressive tank line up? Then go with Roadhog, doubling down on damage output while also forcing enemy shield break and assisting disruption of enemy positioning with his hook. On the more defensive side, try to absorb incoming damage with Dva’s defense matrix.

Playing this comp, a great choice for your support line would be Mercy. Mercy is able to further enhance Bastion’s damage output with her right-click and is able to resurrect them if your defensive line might fail to protect them. Mercy also synergizes well with Pharah and Widowmaker, my suggestion for a DPS lineup of this composition. Since Bastion is almost guaranteed to be the main focus of your enemies, you can take advantage of that by enforcing damage from other angles undisturbed.

Now, how to counter the Baptiste Bunker? Try to surround your enemy with high mobility heroes. Bastion has very low mobility when in turret configuration and can’t focus well on targets that are widely spread. while doing that, you can also try to aply pressure to Orisa’s shield guarding Bastion. Essential for countering this composition however is to play patiently and let your team’s Sombra build up her ult meter, so she can move in and disable Baptiste’s immortality field and ideally Bastion’s transforming abilities. As soon as you have taken care of that, you can make use of your high-impact ultimates like Hanzo’s dragon strike, forcing the defending team to move and scatter away from their current position. Your high mobility heroes now can dive onto and take the point. Another approach would be to use Symmetra’s teleport to maneuver around the choke controlled by the other team. The most important thing you have to keep in mind when dealing with a Bastion-centered composition is to never let yourself get baited to engage in a 1on1 duel with Bastion.

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